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PANAGOPOULOU- BEKA & Partners Law Firm was established in 1985

& since then is helping big companies to ordinary people

We offer full-time legal support to clients in Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Labor, Public/Administrative, European and International Law as well as in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings (Arbitration, Mediation). Throughout its operation, the members of P&B Law Firm acquired extensive experience in all areas of Greek, European and International Law. Our attorneys have an extensive, diverse background, which allows them to have experience in a number of practice areas. Our main goal is to serve our clients by providing excellent legal services and by finding fast and effective solutions to all legal matters that we are entrusted with

In our Firm, we believe in specialization, in complete and comprehensive research, in cooperation and in collegiality. We sincerely care about all our clients and this is why we maintain personal contact with every single one of them, in order to achieve their optimal representation and support, as well as an immediate and effective response to any legal problem that occurs, both domestically and internationally. The long-term success in our Office after 30 years of service, combined with the excellent legal expertise, knowledge and experience of our partners and associates, constantly and consistently confirm our reputation and prove our clients’ choice right.Our outstanding performance has on its merits offered us ranking among the top law firms in Greece.

PANAGOPOULOU- BEKA & Partners Law Firm

Based in the center of Thessaloniki with partners in Athens and across Greece and Cyprus.

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