Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution process, constitutes a structured procedure by which two or more parties to a dispute voluntarily attempt to solve it with the assistance of a Mediator. The Mediator constitutes a third, impartial and independent third party that helps the disputing parties negotiate and reach, by themselves, a mutually accepted conductive solution that corresponds to their interests and needs. The entire procedure is governed by confidentiality.In case the negotiations lead to an agreement, a contract is drafted, which may take the form of an enforcement order and be enforced. In P&B Law Firm, we have among us accredited Mediators, recognized by the ADRg (an internationally leading authority in alternative resolution techniques), the Mediation Institute of Thessaloniki and the Ministry of Justice of Greece. Not only do we offer Mediation services to resolve your dispute, but also our lawyers are trained to participate as counsels in Mediation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.