Commercial and Corporate Law is one of the cornerstones of P&B Law Firm’s practice. We undertake all matters governed by this particular legal branch and we have attained extensive experience as well as a competitive presence on the field. Our aim is to support from a legal perspective all types of legal entities, providing our clients with solutions relating both to their day-to-day activities as well as their significant commercial transactions. We offer: a wide range of comprehensive commercial and corporate advice, the drafting, as well as negotiating of general commercial contracts and the drafting and negotiating of all agreements regulating our clients’ relationships with their company’s private stakeholders. We provide full-time support to all companies and businesses from their establishment, formation and operation to their dissolution as well as securing our clients’ trademarks and patents. We undertake all cases of Corporate, Competition, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Banking, Securities and Bankruptcy Law. Our lawyers also assist our clients in establishing either new companies in Greece or branches of their foreign companies in Greece, in the most efficient and quick way, as well as securing their trademark. Lastly, our Firm specializes in European, International and Transnational Commercial Law, as well as International Commercial Arbitration and Commercial Mediation.