Associate of P&B Law Firm in Athens

Michael Karagiannis holds a BSc in Law from the Dimocritus University of Thrace and an MSc in Commercial Law from the University of Athens. He is a PhD candidate in the area of Commercial Law.

He has been a member of the Bar Association of Athens since 2000 and a lawyer of the Supreme Court. He has been an associate of PANAGOPOULOU-BEKA and Partners Law Firm for the past 10 years.

He is specialized and particularly experienced in the areas of:

  • Commercial law: Banking and Stock Exchange Law, Companies Competition Law, Commercial contracts
  • Civil law: Law of obligations, Family Law
  • Criminal law: Economic Crimes (embezzlement, fraud, disloyalty)

He is a member of the Greek Association of Commercialists since 2000. He speaks English fluently and some German.